Naturally handcrafted wool products

Skaapie has a wide range of products, ranging from fun heirloom toys, home decor and wearable art all made locally in Jersey.


Skaapie products are made with 100% merino wool and natural silks using wet felting and nuno felting technique. Due to the nature of this craft, nothing comes out exactly the same which ensures each product is original. However we do our best to match the product description when selling online.

Special care

All our pieces are hand made from 100% Merino wool, as wool is an organic fabric it is important to take special care for the longevity of your product. Please take note of the care & cleaning instructions to best assist with a lifetime of happiness from your wool product.

CLEANING Dry Clean or 1. Wash with a soapy sponge & luke warm water 2. Rinse well with a vinagar & luke warm water solution 3. Dry out in the sun 4. Spray with lavender mist 5. Please do not use hot water as wool will shrink


Skaapie appreciates the value of living a sustainable lifestyle. We love wool for its amazing properties, it’s 100% renewable, sustainable and biodegradable! What more could you ask for…